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Table 3 Model highlights

From: Consideration of transport logistics hubs in freight transport demand models

Model Resolution Scale of analysis Depth of aggregation Type of hubs considered
SAMGODS / NEMO national macro aggr./disaggr. DLH, TLH
SMILE national macro aggr. DLH
SLAM regional / international macro aggr. DLH
EUNET regional / national macro aggr. DLH
LAMTA urban/regional macro aggr. DLH, TLH
CMAP urban/regional macro / meso aggr./disaggr. DLH, TLH
FAME national micro disaggr. DLH, TLH
InterLog national / regional micro disaggr. DLH
GoodTrip urban micro disaggr. DLH (TLH)
WIVER urban/regional micro disaggr. DLH, TLH
  1. DLH distribution logistics hubs, TLH transport logistics hubs