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Table 1 Cost items of the SPECTRUM Service and conversion factors

From: Adapted cost-benefit analysis methodology for innovative railway services

Cost item Conversion factor
Investment costs
 Investment in terminals – Infrastructure 0,867
 Investment in terminals - Equipment 0,918
Development costs
 Investment per E-traction 0,918
 Investment for Steering Cap 0,918
Operating costs
 Cost of wagons (incl. Maintenance) 0,918
 Personnel costs 0,747
 Energy costs 1,0
 Shunting costs 0,777
 Transhipment costs 0,867
 Maintenance costs (traction units) 0,835
 Overhaul costs (traction units) 0,835
 Insurance costs (traction units) 1,00
 Maintenance costs (terminal infrastructure) 0,835
 Maintenance costs (terminal equipment) 0,835
  1. Source: European Commission [10]