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Table 11 Overview of MCA results and ranking of 13 main recommendations

From: Recommendations for actions concerning supporting ITS developments for VRUs

Recommendation Ease of implement. Time Horizon Estimated Costs Potential Benefits Overall score
R2 Research on road users behaviour medium medium medium ++++ 15
R1 Research on improving VRU detection accuracy medium medium high ++++ 14
R3 Research on warning strategies medium medium medium +++ 12.75
R13 Guarantee privacy of all road users medium medium medium +++ 12.75
R5 Reliability criteria in procurement easy short medium ++ 12.5
R10 Traffic light control tailored to environment medium short low ++ 12.5
R8 Standardisation of functionalities medium medium high +++ 11.75
R11 Functionalities integration in one device challenging medium medium +++ 11.75
R6 Testing of systems in controlled situations challenging medium high +++ 10.75
R9 Field tests and system evaluations challenging medium high +++ 10.75
R4 Design of optimal and efficient user interface medium medium high ++ 9.5
R7 Traffic light control based on overall demand medium medium high ++ 9.5
R12 Legislation of blind spot detection for trucks medium medium low + 9.25