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Table 1 Characterisation of papers in this topical collection

From: Topical collection on accessibility and policy making

Authors Policy interest Accessibility goals Policy level Transport mode Activities Accessibility indicator
K. Geurs L. La Paix, S. van Weperen Bicycle –train integration policies Increase ridership and job accessibility National (Netherlands) Bicycle and rail Jobs Potential accessibility measure
F. Rotoli, E. Navajas Cawood, P. Christidis Efficiency of rail infrastructure Maximise accessibility to activities and minimise transport costs European Rail Population Weighted travel time, network efficiency indicator, potential accessibility indicator, daily accessibility indicator
B. Moya-Gómez, J.C. García-Palomares Congestion Dynamic congestion impacts on accessibility levels Metropolitan (Madrid and Barcelona) Roads Population Potential accessibility measure; average weighted impedance
C. Jacobs Crisioni, F. Batista e Silva, C. Lavalle, C. Baranzelli, A. Barbosa, C. Perpiña Castillo Investments in the road network and land-use policies Compare the impacts of transport and land use policies European and local Road Population Potential accessibility measure
A. Condeço-Melhorado, J.L. Zofío, P.Christidis Investments in the road network and demographic change Impacts of network change and demographic change in accessibility levels National (Spain) Road Population Potential accessibility measure