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Table 2 List and brief summaries of the national land formation plans at the national level (Own summary based on [22, 23])

From: Japan’s transport planning at national level, natural disasters, and their interplays

No. Year Agency Main objectives Key development method / strategy
1 2008 MLIT Autonomous growth of regions (1) Smooth networking with East Asia; (2) Sustainability of regions; (3) Resiliency; (4) Management of beautiful land; (5) Public sphere towards collaboration in regional development and management.
2 2015 MLIT Promotion of socioeconomic ” convection” To promote “socioeconomic convection:” (1) Locally ‘shining’ and globally ‘flying’ land; (2) Land management and infrastructure supporting safety and economic growth; (3) Participation and collaboration supporting spatial planning; (4) Regional block’s own detailed plans (As appears in the summary document by MLIT)
(This is named “basic planning concept.”)