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Table 1 Interchange Dimensions: Function and Logistics, Local Constraints

From: City-hubs for smarter cities. The case of Lille “EuraFlandres” interchange

Dimension A Function and Logistics Levels Need for space Score
Demand (users/day) < 30,000 Low 1
30–120,000 Medium 2
> 120,000 High 3
Modes of transport Dominant – bus Low 1
Dominant - rail Medium 2
Several modes and lines High 3
Services and facilities Kiosks, vending machines Low 1
Several shops and basic facilities Medium 2
  Integrated shopping mall with all facilities High 3
Dimension B
Local constraints
Levels Upgrading level Value
Location in the city Suburbs Less
City access Neutral O
City centre More +
Surrounding area features Non-supporting activities Less
Supporting activities Neutral O
Strongly supporting activities More +
Development plan None Less
Existing Neutral O
Existing and including intermodality in the area More +
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