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Table 2 Operational cost comparison between road-only transport and intermodal rail transport on route Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Busto Arsizio, Italy

From: Experiences of rail intermodal freight transport for low-density high value (LDHV) goods in Europe

Items: Road only (with one drivers) Road only (with two drivers) Intermodal rail
Costs for pre- and post haulage per year n.a. n.a. € 83800
Traction costs per year (Infrastructure, locomotive, personnel, wagon costs) n.a. n.a. € 88000
Terminal handling costs per year n.a. n.a. € 14400
Container costs per year n.a. n.a. € 12775
Total operational costs per year € 157500 € 195000 € 188075
Operational costs per round trip € 2100 € 2600 € 2450
Operational costs per loading unit n.a. n.a. € 2311
Operational costs per loading unit excluding pre- and end haulage and handling costs n.a. n.a. € 1301,87