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Table 3 Inner criteria

From: Delivery truck drivers’ work outside the cab: psychosocial discomforts and risks based on participatory video analyses

1. Time pressure
 1.1 Bad planning
 1.2 Too much to cope with at the same time
2. Obstruction/Interruption/Disturbance
 2.1 Tools, aids, non-working machines
 2.2 Difficulty reaching, difficult to get to
 2.3 Lack of specifications or knowledge
 2.4 Others have not done their job
 2.5 Noise, idle talk, or light reflection
3. Uncertainty
4. Poor control
 4.1 Too little influence over what I should do
5. Lack of response/feedback
 5.1 Need response from boss
6 Risks
 6.1 Risk of own accident/injury
 6.2 Risk of other/others being harmed
 6.3 Risk of causing economic damage
 6.4 Risk of criticism from fellow workers or boss
7. It is emotionally tough
8. The task is boring or meaningless
9. Other
 9.1 Limited spaces
 9.2 Long distances
 9.3 Incorrectly designed door