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Table 2 Results of MARS analysis showing effects on vehicle speed of automatic selection of influential independent variables

From: Speed reduction effects over distance of animal-vehicle collision countermeasures – a driving simulator study

Automatic speed camera Radio Warning sign
Variables Coefficients Variables coefficients Variables coefficients
(Intercept) 15.0 (Intercept) 131.2 (Intercept) 127.7
WF 1.1 MEAS −8.0 MEAS −1.5
FOR −2.6 MEAS and FOR −1.7 WF −29.7
MEAS and FOR 2.7 MEAS and Measure point −6.8 Measure point −0.9
     MEAS and WF 2.5
  1. WF = wildlife fence, MEAS = countermeasure (automatic speed camera, radio or warning sign), FOR = forest or open, and measure point (where the countermeasure was employed). MARS analysis was performed on three different datasets for each AVC countermeasure (automatic speed camera, radio, warning sign). Speed data includes distances according to Fig. 2. Results related to the factor participant were excluded from the table for clarity