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Table 4 List of measures belonging to the “Service Management” group

From: Options for reducing external costs from freight transport along the Brenner corridor

Measure Description Field of application
1. Measures to simplify and streamline management procedures and administrative controls Measures acting on an administrative level regarding actions that involve access to terminals, transparency and the fairness of the intermodal structure and its management, in order to maintain non-discriminatory competition between the various transport operators (e.g. electronic monitoring of vehicles, railway custom passes, etc.) AT, CH, DE, IT, FR, SL
2. Improvement of operational accessibility to intermodal terminals: non-stop timetable Increase in the opening times of the intermodal hubs to 7 days a week and 24 h a day, in order to help transport operators and improve carrier services. This measure has a significant impact on the efficiency of the intermodal system in terms of cost and time. Only few terminals
3. ITS measures to improve combined transport operations Use of technology capable of increasing the efficiency of rail and intermodal freight transport. These instruments vary from ITS (Intelligent Transport System) to apps and software designed for the coordinated and harmonised management of the service. Real-time data is an important component of this group. AT, CH, DE, IT, FR, SL
4. Research projects to increase the efficiency Development of research projects that can contribute to make the system more efficient, safe and sustainable. These projects must have practical effects that bring tangible benefits. AT, CH, DE, IT, FR, SL
5. Interoperability of the railway system Implementation of the technical measures and management rules shared by the Member States, defined technical specifications of interoperability (TSI), in order to develop a single market. AT, CH, DE, IT, FR, SL
6. Freedom of access to the railway network Opening the railway network to third parties with respect to infrastructure managers, in order to create a single market in the freight and passenger transport sector. AT, FR, DE, IT, SL