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Table 5 List of measures belonging to the “Regulatory Measures” group

From: Options for reducing external costs from freight transport along the Brenner corridor

Measure Description Field of application
1. Weight and size limits Weight and size limits on heavy vehicles in order to discourage the use of road freight transport in favour of rail, which is exempt from these constraints. AT, CH, DE, FR, IT, SL
2. Traffic ban on specific days/times/seasons Traffic ban on all freight transport vehicles exceeding 7.5 t during public holidays and/or specific periods of the year and/or days of the week and/or specific times of day. AT, CH, DE, FR, IT, SL
3. Traffic ban/limit based on European emissions classifications Traffic ban based on the EU classification of emissions in certain stretches that are fragile from an environmental point of view (e.g. tunnels, highly polluted urban areas, Low Emissions Corridors/Zones). AT, CH, IT, FR
4. Sector-based traffic ban Sector-based traffic ban on certain categories of goods and vehicles imposed nationally by individual Member States. AT
5. Speed limits and overtaking Permanent speed limits on certain stretches of the motorway route and overtaking ban. This measure discourages road freight transport, given that it increases travel time compared with rail freight transport. AT, CH, DE, IT, FR, SL
6. Differentiation of tools/user charges – external cost Differentiation of toll rates/user charges on specific motorway stretches where vehicles generate higher negative external effects such as air pollution, noise and congestion. AT, CH
7. Differentiation of tools/user charges – infrastructure cost Application of a toll surcharge for using the infrastructure on a specific motorway stretch that has higher construction and maintenance costs than normal infrastructure (e.g. mountainous stretches). AT, CH, DE, IT, FR, SL
8. Differentiation of vehicle taxes for HGVs according to EU emission classifications Differentiation of vehicle taxes or application of exemptions and reductions for heavy vehicles based on weight, number of axles and EU classification of emissions. AT, CH, DE, IT, FR, SL
9. Financial subsidies for combined and intermodal freight transport Financial subsidies intended for intermodal or trans-shipment rail transport services and for combined transport operators. AT, CH, DE, FR, IT, SL
10. Exemption from load and size limits Exemptions from load and size limits for heavy vehicles involved in intermodal freight transport in order to promote transport intermodality. AT, CH, DE, IT, FR, SL
11. Exemption from traffic bans on specific days/times/seasons Exemption from traffic bans on specific days/times/seasons for heavy vehicles involved in intermodal freight transport. AT, DE, IT, SL
12. Exemption from toll payments Exemption from paying higher unit tolls for intermodal freight transport. SL
13. Reduced stamp duty or tolls Reduced vehicle taxes for all heavy vehicles involved in combined transport. IT, SL