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Table 2 Built environmental factors for traffic flow and PD [24]

From: Analyzing urban traffic demand distribution and the correlation between traffic flow and the built environment based on detector data and POIs

Variables Abbreviation Power of determinant
F1: Road type Rd_type 0.105
F2: Road segment length (m) Rd_len 0.018
F3: Distance to the nearest ramp (m) Dis_ramp 0.044
F4: Number of bus stations along the segment per 100 m (stations/100 m) Num_bus 0.130
F5: Distance to the nearest metro station (m) Dis_metro 0.045
F6: Relative location to the freeway rings Ring 0.005
F7: Number of parking lot with 500 m Parking 0.052
F8: Number of schools within 500 m per 100 m (schools/100, r = 500 m) Num_scho 0.084
F9: Distance to the nearest hospital (m) Dist_hosp 0.091
F10: Commercial area proportion (%) Com_pro 0.048
F11: Residential area proportion (%) Res_pro 0.021
F12: Transportation area proportion (%) Trans_pro 0.071