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Table 2 Advantages and disadvantages of EA cargo bikes

From: Measuring delivery route cost trade-offs between electric-assist cargo bicycles and delivery trucks in dense urban areas

Anticipated Advantages of EA Cargo Bikes Anticipated Disadvantages of EA Cargo Bikes
More quiet than an engine due to an electric motor Higher cost of trans-loading due to smaller cargo capacity
Small enough to maneuver through narrow streets and pedestrian only zones Lower economies of scale due to the lower carrying capacity of an EA cargo bike
Time saved finding parking because it can park on sidewalks Limitations in some area due to inability to climb steep slopes
Money saved on parking tickets because it would not be as likely to park illegally Road regulations (E.g. EA cargo bicycles are illegal in New York City [20])
Increase in delivery reliability because EA can avoid congested roads and can use the bike lane to meet delivery deadlines Urban design barriers such as bollards or limited bicycle infrastructure
Improved road safety for pedestrians and cyclists as bike collisions are less severe than collisions with a delivery truck Other limitations - driver fatigue, depleted battery charge, and extreme weather conditions (wind, rain, snow, ice, etc.)
  Collisions may be more severe for the EA cargo cyclist as compared to driver in truck