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Table 1 Characteristics of accident studies

From: Truck-bicycle safety: an overview of methods of study, risk factors and research needs

Study Type Data source Method Aim Accident type Sample size Time period (years) Truck type
Klintschar et al., 2003 [22] Forensic Investigation reports Description of the case Describe the mechanism of the specific accident type Dragging accident 1 not relevant Long trailer
Niewoehner & Berg, 2005 [23] In-depth DEKRA databasea Descriptive statistics Explore the characteristics of accidents and suggest safety measures Turning accidents 45 1 Goods vehicles over 3,5 t
Fenn et al., 2005 [24] Accident data STATS 19 databasea Descriptive statistic Investigate blind spot related accidents Blind spot accidents 503 7 Goods vehicle over 7,5 t
In-depth HVCIS databasea 17 3
Cookson & Knight, 2010 [25] Accident data STATS 19 database a Descriptive statistics Assessing the effects of sideguards Trucks overtaking and turning left vs. cyclists 352 3 Heavy Goods Vehicle
In-depth HVCIS databasea 142 10
Gelino et al., 2012 [26] Accident data Police database Descriptive statistics Assess the safety situation Truck-bicycle accidents 61 11 Large trucks
Helman et al., 2013 [18] Accident data STATS19a database Descriptive statistics and exposure analysis Understand the relative risk represented by construction vehicles Truck-bicycle accidents 311 4 Construction vehicles
Johannsen et al., 2015 [27] In-depth GIDAS databasea Detailed reconstruction Improve understanding of pre-accident dynamics Turning accidents 5 1 Trucks, lorries and vans
Seiniger et al., 2015 [28] In-depth GIDAS and UDV databasesa Descriptive statistics Analysis of speeds, behaviour, infrastructure Turning accidents 120 unknown unknown
Conway et al., 2016 [4] Accident data Police database Geospatial analyses Explore infrastructure and demand characteristics indicative of truck-bicycle conflicts Truck-bicycle accidents on specific routes 122 3 Large (6+ tires) and commercial vehicles (4 tires)
Britton, 2016 [29] Accident data FARS databasea Descriptive statistics Explore characteristics of fatal accidents Fatal truck-bicycle accidents 78 1 Large trucks
Malczyk & Bende, 2017 [30] In-depth UDV databasea Descriptive statistics Explore potential for electronic turn-assistance Truck-bicycle accidents 62 6 Vehicle over 12 t
Pokorny et al., 2017 [31] Accident data Police database Descriptive statistics, binary logistic model Explore characteristics and contributory factors of accidents Truck-bicycle accidents 271 15 Vehicle classified by police as truck, semitrailer, tanker, 1-axe trailer or 2-axe trailer
In-depth NPRA databasea Descriptive statistics Fatal truck-bicycle accidents 13 10
Richter & Sachs, 2017 [32] Accident data Police database Descriptive statistics Gain knowledge to improve infrastructure design Turning accidents 755 6 Van, delivery truck, truck without trailer, semitrailer truck
Talbot et al., 2017 [33] In-depth Police investigation files Descriptive statistics Identify the contributory factors Truck-bicycle accidents 27 5 Trucks over 3,5 t
  1. aDEKRA A company accident database, GIDAS German in-depth accident study, UDV German Insurers accident database, STATS 19 UK National accident database based on police records, HVCIS Police fatal accident database, FARS Fatality analysis reporting system, NPRA Norwegian Public Road Administration database