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Table 4 Characteristics of other studies

From: Truck-bicycle safety: an overview of methods of study, risk factors and research needs

Study Aim Method Truck definition
Gelino et al., 2012 [26] Identify the safety challenges in Seattle and potential safety approaches Literature review; review of current practices in other US cities; accident analysis; media search Large trucks
Helman et al., 2013 [18] Identifying features of contractual arrangements, working practices and vehicle design that contribute to collisions between construction trucks and cyclists Literature review; Direct and indirect visibility assessment of construction vehicles; Semi-structured interviews with stakeholders Construction vehicles
Pattinson and Warwick, 2014 [60] Discuss several safety issues and measures Overview, discussion Trucks, Large vehicles
Summerskill et al., 2016 [61] Evaluating blind spots of six top selling trucks in UK CAD-based vision projection technique Large Goods Vehicles (N2 and N3)
Pitera et al., 2017 [40] Evaluate the decision-making process in implementing a risky layout of docking loading area for trucks Interviews with decision makers Delivery trucks