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Table 5 Track counting results

From: Vision-based vehicle detection and counting system using deep learning in highway scenes

ScenesScene 1Scene 2Scene 3 Direction correct rate
Video frames110002250041000  
Vehicle categoryCarBusTruckCarBusTruckCarBusTruck  
Direction AOur method29213110402128714122  
 Actual number of vehicles32213117432229715024  
 Extra Number30083215133 0.92
 Missing number000101541  
 Correct rate0.906110.9230.9300.8640.9330.8870.833  
Direction BOur method41374117691330016815  
 Actual number of vehicles43384125771331117217  
 Extra Number220111001582 0.931
 Missing number010320440  
 Correct rate0.9530.94710.8880.84410.9390.9300.882  
Real time rate1.271.351.48  
Average correct rate0.9670.9110.917 0.932