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Table 1 Distribution of socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents (n = 584)

From: Which factors affect willingness-to-pay for automated vehicle services? Evidence from public road deployment in Stockholm, Sweden

Characteristics/sample groupTotal (n = 584), %
 Children (aged under 15 years)0
 Young Adult (aged 15–24)20.7
 Adult (aged 25–44)27.7
 Middle-age Adult (aged 45–64)46.1
 Elderly (aged above 65)5.1
Employment Status
 Business Owner3.3
 At School31
 Permanently Retired from Work4.1
Education Background
 Undergraduate or above78.6
Gross Annual Income (before tax) in Swedish Kronor (SEK)
 Low-income (≤ 200,000 SEK  19,127 euro / 21,386 USD)16.6
 High-income (≥ 700,000 SEK  66,943 / 74,851 USD)41.1
Technology Awareness
 Tech-savvy: well informed about or know how to use computers, mobile phones and electronic devices.93.8
 Familiar with the technologies used to enable automated road vehicle to drive without human driver57
Existing Travel Modes
 Regular Public Bus39.6
 Commuter Train26.5
 Private Shuttle Service0
Automated Bus Ride Experience
 At least once46.7