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Table 3 Sample characteristics (n = 995)

From: What are the factors and needs promoting mobility-as-a-service? Findings from the Swiss Household Energy Demand Survey (SHEDS)

Dependent Variable (DV)
 Openness to using a combined mobility service for commutingNo62.0%
 Openness to using a combined mobility service for weekday leisure tripsNo52.6%
 Openness to using a combined mobility service for weekend tripsNo46.1%
Treatment (IV)
 Policy and peer effectsaControl71.1%
4-star review (T1)7.0%
5-star review (T2)7.0%
No policy yet (T3)7.4%
Policy decided (T4)7.4%
Socio-Demographics (IV)
 AgecAverage (standard deviation)48.65 (15.09)
 Age groupa18–34 years24%
35–54 years40.8%
More than 55 years35.2%
High school13.5%
Higher education53.8%
 Place of residencebCity50.9%
 Household incomebLess than 3′000 CHF4.1%
3′000–4′500 CHF10.3%
4′501–6′000 CHF18.9%
6′001–9′000 CHF30.1%
9′001–12′000 CHF21.9%
More than 12′000 CHF14.7%
Mobility behaviour (IV)
 Dominant mode choice: commutingaPrivate car33.7%
Public transportation42.1%
Soft mobility (bike, foot)17.1%
Multimodal mobility1.4%
Does not work5.7%
 Dominant mode choice: leisureaPrivate car47.5%
Public transportation29.1%
Soft mobility (bike, foot)20.1%
Multimodal mobility3.3%
 Mobility sharing: caraNever61.1%
Every few months22.6%
Once a month9.1%
One a week4.4%
Several times a week2.7%
 Type of public transport passbGA travel card 1st class4.3%
GA travel card 2nd class19.4%
Regional pass21.3%
 Time used for commuting home-work (min)bAverage (standard deviation)29.26 (25.89)
 Time used for commuting home-leisure activity (min)bAverage (standard deviation)17.56 (20.62)
 Time used for commuting home-weekend trip (min)bAverage (standard deviation)50.59 (57.00)
 Importance of mobility service attributes (Mean (standard deviation) from Likert scale: 1, not at all important, to 5, extremely important)cAvailability of all possible options3.09 (1.31)
Cheap price3.55 (1.16)
Intuitive and easy to use3.76 (1.19)
Route with lowest CO2 emissions2.84 (1.24)
Find fastest possible route3.52 (1.21)
Waiting time < 30 min3.65 (1.26)
Psychology (IV)
 Pro-environmental attitudesaMean Likert scale (1, totally disagree to 5, totally agree) from 12 items3.66 (0.75)
 Plans to reduce car usageaLikert scale (1, very unlikely, to 5, very likely)2.58 (1.22)
  1. aIndicates variables included as hypotheses; bindicates control variables; cindicates variables not included in the regression model