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Table 5 Frequency of the appearance of themes in the corpus by role in shared rides (with a single count being added for the presence of the theme in an interview even if the theme appeared many times in the interview)

From: Learning from the real practices of users of a smart carpooling app

(n = 11)
(n = 8)
(n = 2)
(n = 21)
Before using the appRegisteringRapid4307
Good support3205
Initial useOpportunitiesNone or too few2013
First requestMade2305
Interest in the profile1113
Interest in the trip75113
First contacts with other usersChat exchangesIncreased trust1113
Practical conditions75315
DeceptionsNo answer5106
Many negative answers1012
Shared rideBefore the rideConfirmations2507
Difficulties in finding other user3306
During the ridePleasant conversation106218
Radio off3014
Positive feeling4307
Negative feeling0202
Evocation of another try3104
Congestion/lost time3104
Anxiety about taking a new route1001
Next shared rideChanges madeMeeting place2204
Verifications of detours0101
Conversation topics1001
Not repeated useNot advantageousTime (longer trip)1214
Money (cost-benefit analysis)2002
Personal or professional change1113
Only use occasionallyPart-time user1 01
Flexible workplace and hours1102
Few possibilities55010
DiscomfortAsking others for a detour0303
Uncomfortable with a person0202
Uncomfortable to ask1203
Uncomfortable to be late/take excessive travel time2002
Problems with the smart appUnderstandabilityWhy a result is obtained3205
Who chooses what2002
UtilityDid not understand me1102
TrustDid things wrong without my consent2215