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Table 1 Country specific parameters: prices and emissions for 2030

From: The potential of high-speed rail freight in Europe: how is a modal shift from road to rail possible for low-density high value cargo?

Country Diesela [EUR/kWh] Electricityb [EUR/kWh] Traction electricity emissionsc [gCO2eq/kWh] Road feesd [EUR/km] Track charges conventional rail freighte [EUR/train km] Track charges HSRFe [EUR/ train km]
Austria 0.133 0.10 138.6 0.40 17.54 19.79
France 0.159 0.09 70.6 0.22 2.12 23.80
Germany 0.139 0.13 476.3 0.13 6.54 17.11
Spain 0.133 0.11 254.5 0.15 0.25 9.17
  1. a [accessed at 1st November 2019], 10% estimated price increase by 2030, WtW diesel emissions: 325.8 gCO2eq/ kWh following EN16258 specifications; b Prices for non-households from Eurostat (2019), no price change by 2030 even though nominal prices may decrease (see [47,48,49]); c Rail electricity mix at pantograph, emissions data from Ifeu et al. [50], 65% estimated emissions reduction by 2030 compared to 1990; d If existent, the latest road fees are retrieved from national information in the internet. Otherwise, from BVU et al. [51]; e Based on the current network statements of the respective country for freight and long-distance passenger transport, adjusted to 2030 values. For detailed information see Additional file 1 (description of the calculated country specific track charges for 2030)