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Table 4 Results of the museum visits survey

From: Employing waterborne autonomous vehicles for museum visits: a case study in Amsterdam

Total number of responses 268
Total number of respondents from or have been to Amsterdam 182
Number of respondents who like to visit museums 174
Number of respondents who visits museums when traveling to new cities 171
Average number of museums visited in one day 2.11
Number of respondents who are open to using WAV 168
Case 1 (road transportation) average score (μ1) 2.91
Case 1 (road transportation) standard deviation (σ1) 1.106
Case 2 (traditional boat) average score (μ2) 3.29
Case 2 (traditional boat) standard deviation (σ2) 1.178
Case 3 (WAV) average score (μ3) 3.51
Case 3 (WAV) standard deviation (σ3) 1.121