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Table 1 Provisional overview of Merwede—technical specifications and chronology of planning process (adapted from workshop P1; see Section 5 on methods)

From: Governance challenges of mobility platforms: the case of Merwede, Utrecht

Technical information
 Location Utrecht
 Area 25 ha
 Previous functions Light industry; logistics/distribution; offices
 Envisioned functions Mixed-use area: housing, offices, public amenities
 Mobility concept - Spatial configuration: public space stimulates active transport and public transit; discourages or prohibits car traffic
- Parking concept: parking norm of 0.3 per residence; parking at a distance
- Mobility hubs: mobility services, physical mobility shops, and digital platform
 Physical mobility aspects (selection) - 1800 parking spots for cars in total—1200 spots underground, 600 ‘transformative’ spots above ground (which technically enables decreasing the parking norm to less than 0.3 if required)
Of which:
- 1400 for private cars
- 350 for shared cars
- 50 for disability parking
- Max. 700 at a distancea
 2004 Early version of new plan for Merwedekanaalzone
 2012 Meer Merwede (More Merwede), an initiative launched by a residents and entrepreneurs aimed at making plans for a transformation of Merwede
 2015–2016 City of Utrecht adopts ‘healthy urban living’ as motto; spatial planning strategy shifts to densification and stimulation of active transport
 2017–2018 Revival of plan for Merwedekanaalzone, including specific plans for Merwede
 2019–2020 Making of urban plan and mobility concept for Merwede
 In progress Partnership agreement between City of Utrecht and developers regarding development of Merwede (negotiations ongoing)
 Not started Preparation of land-use plan for Merwede (depends on signing of partnership agreement)
  1. aThese figures are unconfirmed as planning and negotiation processes are ongoing at the time of writing (fall 2020)