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Table 2 Aggregated overview of data collected and analysed for this study

From: Governance challenges of mobility platforms: the case of Merwede, Utrecht

Documents Number
Policy documents (Utrecht’s policies for mobility and planning, 2004–2020) 9a
Project documentation (environmental assessment, mobility concept, urban plan, and market consultation) 8a
Interview respondents
 Stakeholders involved in Merwede (two mobility project managers at City of Utrecht, two mobility consultants, one private developer) 5 (respondents S1–5)
 Mobility experts (two mobility scholars, three mobility program or project managers at other governments) 5 (respondents M1–5)
 Partner meetings (with City of Utrecht and/or Rathenau Instituut) 3 (workshops P1–3)
 Expert meetings (with academic scholars) 4 (workshops E1–4)
 Feedback sessions (external presentations followed by Q&A and discussions) 3 (workshops F1–3)
  1. aThese numbers refer to key public documents; they do not include project briefings to city council, appendices to official documents, or other supporting documentation