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Table 1 Topic search terms

From: A semi-systematic literature review, identifying research opportunities for more sustainable, receiver-led inbound urban logistics flows to large higher education institutions

Review topic Explicit search terms WOS Resultsa TRIMISb Results GS
Impacts that large municipal organisations have on cities, in terms of wealth creation, jobs, person and freight related trip making. (“urban freight” or “urban logistics” or “city logistics”) AND (“municipal”) 22 31 466
Ways the operational models associated with goods and service supply to large municipal organisations are centralised and decentralised services (“urban freight” or “urban logistics” or “city logistics”) AND (“operational model”) 63 79 37
The ways in which procurement systems operate across municipal organisations with large numbers of department. (“procurement” or “purchasing”) AND (“systems) AND (“municipal”) 74 44 >35kc
The ways in which supply chains serving large municipals have been made more sustainable, including collaborative logistics techniques (to include consolidation) as well as smart procurement. (“collaborative logistics”) AND (“procurement”) 28 0 533
The utilisation of delivery service planning for receiversd “urban freight” or “urban logistics” or “city logistics” and “delivery service” 16 0 8
The potential for typologies, taxonomies or conceptualisation in the field that would inform the development of the framing of work in the field. (“urban freight” or “urban logistics” or “city logistics”) AND (“taxonomy” or “typology” or “concept”) 117 51 23
  1. aWOS searches were always TOPIC searches
  2. bEU funded research projects
  3. cToo high a response and excluded
  4. dAdded later as a conscious cross check after earlier iterations of the review cycle