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Table 1 Features of the personal car market, their indicators and hypotheses assuming their correlation with the centrality of a given area

From: Do spatial differences in the personal car market reflect a centre-periphery structure? The case of Poland

Feature Indicator (independent variable) Hypothesis (relationship) Literature
Car ownership (motorisation rate) Number of personal cars per 1000 inhabitants H1: higher centrality ➔ higher motorisation rate (+) [8, 14, 19]
Sales of new cars Number of new cars sold per 1000 inhabitants H2: higher centrality ➔ higher sales of new cars (+) [14, 18, 20]
Import of second-hand cars Number of imported second-hand cars per 1000 inhabitants H3: higher centrality ➔ lower import of second-hand cars (−) [14,15,16]
Average age of cars Average age of cars H4: higher centrality ➔ lower average age of cars (−) [21]
  1. Source: own elaboration