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Table 4 Empty container leasing scheme (FEU)

From: Optimization of multi- period empty container repositioning and renting in CHINA RAILWAY Express based on container sharing strategy

Train company China Europe
Chengdu International Railway Train Co.,Ltd.    24
Yuxinou (Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd. 74   
Zhengzhou international land port company 451   
Urumqi International Dry Port Co., Ltd. 205   
Xi’an international land port multimodal transport Co., Ltd. 47   
Wuhan Hanou International Logistics Co., Ltd. 287   
Hunan Xiangou Express Logistics Co., Ltd. 205   
Yiwu tianmeng Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.   1  
Haou International Logistics Co., Ltd.    41
Shenmanou (Shenyang) International Logistics Co., Ltd.    
Liaoning shentie hongyun Logistics Co., Ltd. 76   
Suzhou international train freight Co., Ltd.   117  
Hefei international inland port development Co., Ltd. 164