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Table 1 Characteristics available for routing requests in the BBBike bike-routing engine (

From: Assessing cyclists’ routing preferences by analyzing extensive user setting data from a bike-routing engine

Variable Value
Speed Free field, default is 20 km/h
Street category No preference
Prefer residential roads [calm]
Use only residential roads [calm*]
Prefer main roads [main]
Use only main roads [main*]
Avoid main roads without cycle paths/bus lanes [infra]
Avoid main roads without cycle paths [infra*]
Surface quality No preference
Avoid cobblestones and bad surfaces [smooth]
Use only very good surfaces (suitable for racing bikes) [smooth*]
Avoid traffic lights No
Avoid unlit streets No
Green pathways No preference
Prefer green pathways [green]
Strongly prefer green pathways (may result in longish routes if there are no suitable routes surrounded by greenery available, so use with caution) [green*]
Use unknown streets Allow routing through “unknown” streets (streets which are not yet researched for cyclist usage)