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Table 4 The comparative analysis of the picture fuzzy MCDM methods

From: Picture fuzzy WASPAS method for selecting last-mile delivery mode: a case study of Belgrade

Picture fuzzy MCDM method Ordering
WASPAS (our study) A5 A3 A4 A1 A2 A6
TOPSIS [2, 60] A5 A3 A1 A4 A2 A6
EDAS [35, 77] A5 A3 A4 A1 A6 A2
TODIM [65, 69] A5 A3 A4 A2 A1 A6
VIKOR [66] A5 A4 A3 A2 A6 A1
MABAC [64] A5 A3 A4 A1 A2 A6
Cross-entropy [68] A5 A3 A4 A1 A2 A6
Projection [70] A5 A3 A4 A1 A2 A6
Grey relational projection [27] A5 A3 A4 A2 A1 A6
Grey relational analysis [36] A5 A3 A1 A4 A2 A6
PROMETHEE II [58] A5 A3 A4 A1 A2 A6