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Table 1 Participants of the three focus groups, with their occupation and relation to AVs

From: A future without drivers? Comparing users', urban planners' and developers' assumptions, hopes, and concerns about autonomous vehicles

Future Users Occupation
FU1 Financial officer
FU2 Prison warden
FU3 Elderly care worker
FU4 Military officer
FU5 Historian
FU6 Former medical transport driver
FU7 High school teacher
FU8 Works for the city
FU9 Hospital employee
FU10 Artist
Urban Planners Occupation, and professional relation to AVs
UP1 Traffic planner, currently also strategic development
UP2 Works at business development department, and future innovation platform
UP3 Future strategist, working with future direction for traffic planning
UP4 City planner, working with the new comprehensive land use plan for the city
UP5 Infrastructure strategist, working on a discussion document on future mobility
Developers Occupation, and professional relation to AVs
D1 Works at innovation department of automotive company, sustainable mobility focus
D2 Works with development of automotive chassis systems
D3 Works with automotive interior construction, coaches new development projects
D4 Consultant engineer in automotive sector, exterior camera development
D5 Consultant engineer in automotive sector, object detection, neural networks, and radar sensors