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Table 3 Input data for corridor cases

From: A comparison of the application potential of waterborne platooning for the Danube and the Rhine corridors

Parameters Danube Rhine
LV routes length 878 km 325 km
Number of locks 2 0
VT operator Single company Third party (platform based)
VT user Single company Small-family businesses
FV port times 58 h (Class V), 54 h (Class IV) 58 h (Class V), 54 h (Class IV)
LV port time 10 h 10 h
FVs types CEMT Class V, IV CEMT Class V, IV
Current 4 km/h 4 km/h
Reference vessel operating regime B A1/A2 or B
Crew cost savings € 75.500 (Class V) and € 65.000 (Class IV) € 389.100 (Class V) and € 293.600 (Class IV)
Fleet size 480 6400
Departure interval 24 h 6 h
Number of LVs 6 10
VT operating speed of VT 15.5 km/h 17.2 km/h