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Table 2 Description of independent variables (IVs) and dependent variables (DVs)

From: Configuring user information by considering trust threatening factors associated with automated vehicles

Corresponding hypothesis IV Level DV Type
H1 Distrust scenarios 21 distrust events [jaywalker, pedestrian near the curb, lane sharing with bicycles, parked vehicles on the shoulder, rapid acceleration, two changes in direction, too close to the vehicle in front, vehicle accident, vehicle cutting in, large-scale bus moving out of the lane center, high traffic at a corner, incorrectly parked vehicle, vehicle exiting a parking lot, U-turn too sharp, too close to the curb, too close to another vehicle when turning, change in direction, traffic light turning yellow, lane recognition when entering a tunnel, too many pedestrians, and congestion when merging with a highway] TTFs TTF1 [–]
TTF2 [–]
TTF3 [–]
TTF4 [–]
H2 Trust-threatening factors TTFs [TTF1, TTF2, TTF3, TTF4] ICT-specific necessity level ICT1 [score]
ICT2 [score]
ICT3 [score]
ICT4 [score]
ICT5 [score]
    ICM-specific necessity level ICM1 [score]
ICM2 [score]
ICM3 [score]