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  1. Hybrid technology is seen by many as a potential solution to reduce vehicle emissions in cities. However type approval tests of hybrid vehicles measure emission levels comparable to those of conventional cars ...

    Authors: Adriano Alessandrini, Fabio Orecchini, Fernando Ortenzi and Federico Villatico Campbell
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2009 1:8
  2. This paper presents a system of models for the estimation of road international (import/export) freight flows by using a partial share approach. It allows to simulate generation (for export), attraction (for i...

    Authors: Agostino Nuzzolo, Umberto Crisalli and Antonio Comi
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2008 1:3
  3. Every year, more than 400 people are killed in over 1,200 accidents at road-rail level crossings in the European Union. Together with tunnels and specific road black spots, level crossings have been identified...

    Authors: Louahdi Khoudour, Mohamed Ghazel, Fouzia Boukour, Marc Heddebaut and El-Miloudi El-Koursi
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2008 1:4
  4. Large area traffic monitoring with high spatial and temporal resolution is a challenge that cannot be served by today available static infrastructure. Therefore, we present an automatic near real-time traffic ...

    Authors: Dominik Rosenbaum, Franz Kurz, Ulrike Thomas, Sahil Suri and Peter Reinartz
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2008 1:2
  5. The Super Light Car (SLC) project is one of the most important research projects in the European Community for automotive lightweight construction with a multi-material approach. The paper shows the motivation...

    Authors: Martin Goede, Marc Stehlin, Lukas Rafflenbeul, Gundolf Kopp and Elmar Beeh
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2008 1:1

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