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Table 2 On-board ego-motion signals

From: On the human control of vehicles: an experimental study of acceleration

Signal Description Units
ECUtime ECU time ms
cycleNumber Perception Platform cycle count  
VLgtFild Filtered longitudinal velocity from odometer m/s
ALgtFild Filtered longitudinal acceleration m/s2
ALatFild Filtered lateral acceleration m/s2
YawRateFild Filtered yaw rate rad/s
SteerWhlAg Filtered steering wheel angle rad
SteerWhlAgSpd Filtered steering wheel rate rad/s
SteerTorque Filtered steering column torque Nm
GasPedPos Filtered gas pedal position %
BrakePedPos Filtered master cylinder pressure Nm
BrakePedalSwitchNCSts Brake pedal pressed (1 pressed, 0 released)  
ActGear Actual gear  
IndTurnComm Indicator turn command (0: off, 1: left, 2: right)  
egoLatitude GPS latitude deg
egoLongitude GPS longitude deg
GPSspeed GPS velocity m/s
GPScourse GPS velocity direction (clockwise from north) rad