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Table 3 Rough estimates of COOP’s precautionary and operative costs related to combined road/rail transport, Helsingborg–Bro, 1 June 2011–30 September 2012

From: Precautionary and operational costs of freight train delays: a case study of a Swedish grocery company

  Total costs (€) June 2011–Sept. 2012 Costs (€) per tonne-hour Sources, assumptions
1) Precautionary costs 458,000 4.0 (VTTV)  
1a) of which staff costs to manage the shuttle train 235,000   COOP, own assumptions
1b) of which extra costs for transferable trailers 223,000   COOP, lifespan 10 years
2) Operational costs due to major train delays 784,000 6.7  
2a) of which road transport costs (in case of transfers) 368,000   COOP, 24 occasions
2b) of which staff costs due to late arrival in shops 404,000   COOP, 24 occasions
2c) of which staff costs due to late arrival in ware house 12,000   Assumption
2d) Operational costs due to two cancelled trains 200,000 1.8 COOP
Total 1,442,000 12.4