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Table 1 Differentiation of transport and distribution logistics hubs (based on [44])

From: Consideration of transport logistics hubs in freight transport demand models

Characteristics Distribution logistics hub Transport logistics hub
number of sources few many
number of sinks many many
main function storage, consolidation, distribution, packaging, value adding services transhipment, certain buffer function
user one or certain number of users many different and changing customers
operator own account or logistics service provider (3PL) logistics service provider, forwarding agency
destination sink is uncertaina sink is certainb
examples distribution and/or consolidation centres, warehouses intermodal freight terminals, locations of forwarding companies, seaports, inland ports, airports
  1. aAt the moment the goods arrive at the distribution logistics hub the final destination is not defined. The final destination will be defined during the picking process only
  2. bEach shipment is labelled with an explicit destination before it reaches the transport logistics hub