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Table 7 Recommendations regarding technical performance of Blind Spot Detection (BSD) together with the classifications and relevant stakeholders

From: Recommendations for actions concerning supporting ITS developments for VRUs

Recommendation Ease of Implement. Time horizon Estimated effectiveness Estimated cost Relevant stakeholders
Easy Medium Challenging Short Medium Long Low Medium High Low Medium High
The automotive industry, with the aid of independent researchers where needed, should improve detection systems to detect both cyclists and pedestrians with low positive and negative false alarm rates.   X   X      X   X   OEMs
Inclusion of tests for BSD for non-motorised VRUs in Euro NCAP, including tests for night conditions. X    X     X   X    Euro NCAP, Research institutes, OEMs
Promotion of BSD by European Commission (EC) for trucks and buses. X    X    X    X    EC, Member States, OEMs
System should warn the driver if it is not working (failsafe) X    X    X    X    OEMs