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Table 5 Summary of national-level planning frameworks for each type of transport infrastructures

From: Japan’s transport planning at national level, natural disasters, and their interplays

Type of infrastructure Act stipulating developments Designated funding scheme 5/7-year Implementation/Development plan* Blueprint Base plan Development plan
Conventional railway - - Since 2003, only as a small part of integrated plan (Until 1987) - -
High-speed railway Shinkansen Development Act MoU btwn. Govt. & ruling parties - (Base Plan)
National highway Road Act (Until 2013, then transferred to general budget) (Cumulating Designation) - -
Expressway National Trunk Expressway Construction Act
Seaport Port Act - - -
Airport Airport Act - - -
  1. *These were separately made for roads, seaports and airports until 2003, and then merged into one with other civil infrastructures