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Table 6 Comparison of legally-binding network length, planned length and length in service

From: Japan’s transport planning at national level, natural disasters, and their interplays

Type of infrastructure Blueprint in length [km] and legislation for it Length with Base Plan [km] Length with Development Plan [km] Length in Service [km]
Conventional railway None N/A N/A 17,135
High-speed railway (Identical to Base Plan) C.a. 7000 km C.a. 3956 km 2765
National highway None N/A N/A 54,736
Expressway A-Routes 11,520 km, a designated act 10,623 km 9428 km 8402 (March 2014)
B-Routes 2480 km, 4th Zenso unknown 2045 km (March 2008) 1458 km (March 2013)