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Table 1 Urban freight plans categorised by geographical level

From: Plan for sustainable urban logistics – comparing between Scandinavian and UK practices

  Scandinavia United Kingdoma
  Denmark Norway Sweden
Regional level    Västra Götaland [31, 32] Northamptonshire [33]
Surrey [34]
Staffordshire [35]
Somerset [36]
Kent [37]
West Midlands [38]
Merseyside [39]
South Hampshire [40]
London [41]
Local and city level Aalborg
Kolding [42]
Bergen [43] Malmö [44]
Stockholm [16]
Bedford [45]
West Berkshire [46]
Aberdeenb [47,48,49,50]
Dundee [51]
  1. aEngland and Scotland are listed together since they have similar basic planning structures. However, it is worth noting that there are some differences in how each planning system works [52].
  2. bEven tough Aberdeen has plans on both levels the most recent work are undertaken at the local level by the Aberdeen City Council [47,48,49].