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Table 3 List of measures belonging to the “Infrastructure and vehicles” group

From: Options for reducing external costs from freight transport along the Brenner corridor

Measure Description Field of application
1. Renovation of existing infrastructure Homogenisation of infrastructural elements (e.g. development of a single electrification system and standardisation of railway gauges) and maintenance of the existing network. AT, CH, DE, IT, FR, SL
2. Renovation of intermodal terminals Increase in the structural efficiency of intermodal terminals. Promotion of specific projects to upgrade intermodal hubs, adapt equipment, expansion, construction and/or modification of components (bridges, tunnels, etc.) to improve access to the terminal area. In this sense, reliable hinterland connections are a fundamental aspect. AT, CH, DE, IT, FR, SL
3. Construction of new railway infrastructure Construction of new infrastructure connecting intermodal ports and terminals. Investments in the construction of new railway infrastructure are based on the TEN-T strategy. AT, CH, DE, IT, FR, SL
4. Construction of new intermodal terminals Construction of new intermodal terminals suitably located along railway axes relevant to the TEN-T network. As regards upgrading (measure 2), the construction of a new intermodal terminal is much rarer. AT, CH, DE, IT, FR, SL
5. EU common standards Adoption of common standards to avoid bottlenecks and make rail transport more competitive.