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Table 1 Cargo bicycle literature review summary

From: Measuring delivery route cost trade-offs between electric-assist cargo bicycles and delivery trucks in dense urban areas

Author Year City Country Research Question Findings
Melo et al. 2013 Porto Portugal How can electric cargo cycles impact traffic, energy efficiency, and emissions in urban environments? Replacing 10% of delivery service vans would yield in better road network efficiency and reduce wheel to wheel CO2 emissions. and costs.
Tipagornwong et al. 2014 Urban Areas United States How competitive are freight tricycles compared to diesel vans in terms of costs and logistical constraints? Diesel vans are more cost effective for deliveries that include parcels weighing 50 lbs. or more and freight tricycles are more cost effective for deliveries with time windows between 2 and 4 h.
Choubassi et al. 2016 Austin United States How do the operating costs compare for either a pedal bike with an electric motor, e-bike, or e-trike? An e-trike has the lowest cost of operations.
Arnold et al. 2018 Antwerp Belgium How can different delivery modes be compared and assessed for efficacy before deployment? Cargo bikes reduce external costs by 40% per delivery. Driving time increases by 134% with a cargo bike.