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Fig. 1

From: Interpreting risk factors for truck crash severity on mountainous freeways in Jiangxi and Shaanxi, China

Fig. 1

Two mountainous freeway segments in Jiangxi and Shaanxi, China. a location of Jiangxi (A) and Shaanxi (B) in China mainland; b TG Freeway: a segment of Daguang Freeway G45 from Taihe Hub to Ganzhou Hub (K2916 + 390~K3044 + 169) in Jiangxi, China; c XH Freeway: a segment of Jingkun Freeway G5 from Hechizhai Interchange to Qipanguan Tunnel (K1102 + 608~K1463 + 451) in Shaanxi, China

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