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Table 2 Summary of the considered research papers about smart systems (in the text below by order of appearance)

From: Learning from the real practices of users of a smart carpooling app

ReferenceDateStudied systemMethod
Kidd et al. [20]1999Smart homeSummary of different works
Fréjus & Guibourdenche [17]2012Smart homeIn realistic laboratory: usage data, video recording, interview, questionnaire (15 people)
At home: video recording, self-confrontation interviews (5 households)
Yang & Newman [44]2013Smart home (the Nest thermostat)Interviews (23 people from 19 households)
Three-week diary study (10 households)
Mennicken & Huang [26]2012Smart homeInterviews (7 smart home professionals and 15 people from 10 households)
Stumpf et al. [39]2009Automatic email classification systemThink-aloud experimental task, questionnaire (13 students)
Kulesza et al. [21]2009Automatic email classification systemCooperative debugging task
Dialogue analysis (11 pairs of students)
Tullio, Dey, Chalecki & Fogarty [40]2007System to predict manager interruptibilitySix-week field study (4 managers, 8 direct reports)
Interviews (8 office workers)
Lim, Dey & Avrahami [23]2009System that determines whether the person is performing a physical activityExperiments: interaction, test, survey (211 persons)