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Table 4 Classification task ranked by difficulty and score, for purpose imputation

From: Transport behavior-mining from smartphones: a review

References No. Classes Score Metric Validation
Kim et al. [60] 15 Work, Study, Shopping, Social Visit, Recreation, Home, Business Meeting, Change mode/Transfer, Pick-up, Drop-off, Meal/Eating break, Personal Errand/Task, Medical/Dental, Entertainment, Sport/Exercise 98.68% F1-Score Out-of-bag-estimate
Feng and Timmermans [40] 10 Study, Social Visit, Recreation, Home, Service, Paid Work, Daily Shopping, Non-daily Shopping, Help parents/cildren, Voluntary work 96.8% Accuracy Out-of-bag-estimate
Montini et al. [76] 9 Work, Shop, Service, Recreation, Home, Pick-up, Drop-off, Business Meeting, Other 79.8% Accuracy Out-of-bag-estimate
Xiao et al. [120] 8 Work, Study, Shop, Social Visit, Home, Eeating Out, Pick-up, Drop-off 96.53% Accuracy Hold-out
Bohte and Maat [21] 7 Work, Study, Shop, Social Visit, Recreation, Home, Other 43% Accuracy n.p.
Yazdizadeh et al. [122] 6 Education, Health, Leisure, Shopping/Errands, Home, Work 72% F1-Score weighted average Manifold-cross-validation