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Table 1 Global studies investigating the growth of transportation networks

From: The periodicity and initial evolution of micro-mobility systems: a case study of the docked bike-sharing system in New York City, USA

Themes Highlights Studies and regions (selective)
The geography of network growth Surface transportation networks subject to geographical constraints; Gastner and Newman [20] (EU) Barrat et al. [6] (NA)
Simulation models to replicate the evolution of transportation networks Taaffe et al. [52] (WW) Pred [41] (NA) RIMMER [43] (OC) Farahani et al. [18] (EU) Jaržemskiene [27](WW)
Correlations among growth factors Driving or interacting forces behind the expansion of transportation networks, e.g., land use, vehile miles traveled, economic development, etc. Antrop [3] (EU) McKinnon [39] (EU) Shi et al. [48] (AS) Cervero and Hansen [10] (NA)
Analyses of topological properties View it as a complex network Tsiotas [55] (EU) Ingvardson and Nielsen [26] (EU)
  1. AS—Asia; EU—Europe; NA—North America; OC—Oceania; WW—worldwide