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Fees and funding

Article-processing charges

Open access publishing is not without costs. European Transport Research Review therefore levies an article-processing charge of £1200.00/$1770.00/€1460.00 for each article accepted for publication, plus VAT or local taxes where applicable.

If the corresponding author's institution participates in our open access membership program, some or all of the publication cost may be covered (more details available on the membership page). We routinely waive charges for authors from low-income countries. For other countries, article-processing charge waivers or discounts are granted on a case-by-case basis to authors with insufficient funds. Authors can request a waiver or discount during the submission process. For further details, see our article-processing charge page.

Visit Springer Nature’s open access funding & support services for information about research funders and institutions that provide funding for APCs.

Springer Nature offers agreements that enable institutions to cover open access publishing costs. Learn more about our open access agreements to check your eligibility and discover whether this journal is included.

For more information on APCs please see our Journal Pricing FAQs

Selecting your payment method

There are different ways in which the APC can be covered, so please consider using these. The main scenarios are listed below, with an indication of the action which you should take for each:

A. If your Institution is a member of SpringerOpen, the cost of the APC is covered by this; click OPTION 2 at the end of the submission process;

B. If your Institution is a Supporter Member of SpringerOpen, a discount is available; click OPTION 2 at the end of the submission process;

C. If you as lead author are from a low-income country, SpringerOpen routinely waives the APC; click OPTION 3 at the end of the submission process;

D. If you as lead author are a research student, SpringerOpen may waive the APC; click OPTION 3 at the end of the submission process;

E. If you are eligible for support for your APC from your Institution or research funder (e.g. EU FP7, Horizon 2020, Research Councils UK) please take advantage of this funding; click OPTION 1 at the end of the submission process;

F. If your Institution is a member of the European Conference of Transport Research Institutions (ECTRI) the cost of the APC may be covered by ECTRI; please ask the Editor-in-Chief for the submission code; click OPTION 2 at the end of the submission process, select “ECTRI” from the list of institutions and use the submission code as "SpringerOpen account number" when asked.

Payment options that will be shown at the end of the submission process

OPTION 1: I accept responsibility for paying the £900/US$1,410/€1,150 processing charge on this article
Please use this for scenario E above. If you choose this option, if your manuscript is accepted, you will be able to pay by credit card, cheque, purchase order, or institutional invoice, using personal, grant or institutional funds.

OPTION 2: I believe that I am covered by an institutional membership arrangement and wish to request institutional payment or discount (as applicable)
Please use this for scenarios A, B and F above. If your institution is a member of SpringerOpen, the cost of the APC is partially or entirely covered by the membership. In this case, add the SpringerOpen account code or select your institution from the list. For more information about the membership programme, please visit our website.

OPTION 3: I believe I am eligible for a waiver or discount of the article-processing charge
Please use this for scenarios C and D above. Waiver may be granted in the case of genuine inability to pay. If you are requesting a waiver, you must explain in the box below the reason(s) for your request, giving details of how your research has been funded. The names and affiliations of all authors and all sources of funding that contributed to this study should be detailed. Waiver requests must be made at this stage and cannot be made later. Any authors submitting from countries listed in the SpringerOpen waiver fund are recognised at submission and automatically granted a waiver.

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Selecting an APC payment method

All details on how to select your article-processing charge payment method during submission can be found here.

Institutional membership

Visit the membership page to check if your institution is a member and learn how you could save on article-processing charges (APCs).

Funding your APC

​​​​​​​Open access funding and policy support by SpringerOpen​​

​​​​We offer a free open access support service to make it easier for you to discover and apply for article-processing charge (APC) funding. Learn more here