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  1. e-TREAM is an e-learning tool which offers training in transport issues like mobility management and alternative fuels. The main target groups are energy agencies but everybody is welcome who is seeking to dev...

    Authors: Tobias Kipp
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2009 1:12
  2. Hybrid technology is seen by many as a potential solution to reduce vehicle emissions in cities. However type approval tests of hybrid vehicles measure emission levels comparable to those of conventional cars ...

    Authors: Adriano Alessandrini, Fabio Orecchini, Fernando Ortenzi and Federico Villatico Campbell
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2009 1:8
  3. This paper presents a system of models for the estimation of road international (import/export) freight flows by using a partial share approach. It allows to simulate generation (for export), attraction (for i...

    Authors: Agostino Nuzzolo, Umberto Crisalli and Antonio Comi
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2008 1:3
  4. Every year, more than 400 people are killed in over 1,200 accidents at road-rail level crossings in the European Union. Together with tunnels and specific road black spots, level crossings have been identified...

    Authors: Louahdi Khoudour, Mohamed Ghazel, Fouzia Boukour, Marc Heddebaut and El-Miloudi El-Koursi
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2008 1:4
  5. Large area traffic monitoring with high spatial and temporal resolution is a challenge that cannot be served by today available static infrastructure. Therefore, we present an automatic near real-time traffic ...

    Authors: Dominik Rosenbaum, Franz Kurz, Ulrike Thomas, Sahil Suri and Peter Reinartz
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2008 1:2
  6. The Super Light Car (SLC) project is one of the most important research projects in the European Community for automotive lightweight construction with a multi-material approach. The paper shows the motivation...

    Authors: Martin Goede, Marc Stehlin, Lukas Rafflenbeul, Gundolf Kopp and Elmar Beeh
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2008 1:1

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